Echodrive Live in Concert

Live in Concert

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A New Dawn Live Concert DVD

A New Dawn - Live in Concert

Starting from $15

Get your copy of this exciting performance of Echodrive debuting songs from their record A New Dawn.  DVD+CD and Digital Download options available!

Soundcolor Studios - Live in Concert

Starting from $15

The very first Echodrive Live film!  Get your copy of this special performance at Soundcolor Studios.  This features never before released songs and some funny and heartfelt interview moments that make this a real gem.  DVD+CD and Digital Download options available!

Echodrive - Soundcolor Studios Live DVD


Here's a brief look at who Echodrive is and what drives the creative vision...


Andrew Hand

Andrew is the creative force behind Echodrive.  After being a solo musician for over a decade, Hand decided it was time to create a new vision and version of his music.  Echodrive was born in 2015 as a live 4 piece rock band.


Since that time, the cast members continue to be a collection of fine players and friends and Echodrive continues to do both full band and solo shows.


With his music, Andrew seeks to create songs that speak to both the challenges and joys of life and to deliver a message that leaves listeners feeling connected to greater hope, love, and self-acceptance in their own lives.



Did you know that Andrew plays every instrument on Echodrive's album A New Dawn?  Andrew started out making music at 24 with zero knowledge, skill, or ability and quickly taught himself to play multiple instruments.


Andrew also produces and mixes all Echodrive music currently released.  He learned mixing and production solely as a necessity in the early days to get his music out there when there was no budget to hire other people to do it.

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