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Hello my friend,


My name is Andrew Hand and I'm a musician/guitarist, and producer. I started out with music as a 24 year old who had zero musical knowledge or experience but I longed to be able to understand and create music. The journey led me through many frustrations and failed attempts but then I found a system that finally made sense and things would never be the same.

Discover the Simple System That's Helped Thousands of Students Break Through Years of Frustration...​

For over a decade I've taught students online and in-person, from ages 8-60+ and seen them have lightbulb after lightbulb moment about music and playing guitar. It's been really awesome to see the years of struggle melt away and the smiles come to their faces as they start to play and create with ease. I've also used it myself to play across the country, record albums, and make my living doing what I love...creating and sharing music.

This System Is Called Music Made Easy

If you've been lost in talk of scales, chord progressions, modes, circles of what's, keys, or anything else relating to music then have no fear. We take these heady concepts and break them down into the very simple root level information.

And It's For You If...​

  • You're tired of feeling stuck and confused by your guitar

  • You long to freely play up and down the guitar neck but don't know how to put it all together

  • You want to be able to know exactly what to play when and sound great
  • You've been frustrated by previous attempts to learn complex theory or having people talk over your head
  • You've felt dumb and like you just can't "get it"
  • You want to be able to easily see chords, know exactly what key they're in, and be able to play any song

Here's What You're Going to Learn...​

  1. Module 1 is all about getting into the basics of guitar so you know exactly how to sound good, play correctly, and set yourself up for rapid progress.  Great for brand new students and also for more seasoned players to refresh and check in.
  2. Module 2 is where we dig deeper into chords and master the open chords and start learning how to play chord progressions in ANY key
  3. Module 3 is a deep dive into Theory - not the complicated, over your head kind - but the simple system that unlocks every note, chord, key, and scale so that you're a jamming machine
  4. Module 4 we learn how to create unique chord progressions that sound amazing and even write your own songsAnd Much More!!

This Will Help You Master Keys, Chords, and Scales and Give You Total Musical Freedom...​

Each module is laid out to give you total understanding in these areas. We go deep into chords and understanding progressions. We master the fretboard with the lead guitar and fretboard logic modules. We demystify keys, so that you can understand and play in any key and improv with ease. We delve into songwriting and writing melodies.


Along with each of the modules, there are PDF guides to take you through everything and further cement your progress. There are also backing tracks that you can dive right into to start practicing as I hold down the rhythm.


Everything is laid out in modules which move you systematically to the next level. You don't have to wonder how you're going to make sense of a copious amount of information. Just follow along with the video lessons, use the PDF resources, and practice what you learned. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and amazed at how these lessons help add more and more clarity and confidence as you go.


It's accessible 24/7 and you have lifetime access to it.

Here's What You're Getting With Music Made Easy When You Order Today...

Get Music Made Easy Today for Just $999 $97

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Now If You're Still Asking Yourself - "Will This Work for Me?"...

If you show up for each lesson and do the work, this will absolutely work for you. It's helped so many others break through decades or more of frustration and stumbling blocks to finally have everything make sense. I can't see why it would be any different for you...



From beginners to seasoned players - student after student has found the clarity and "light bulb" moments that elluded them.


This training gives you the simple system to follow that makes music easy, clear, and inspires you to take action.

I've Tried So Many Other Programs, Can I Learn This?

As I said above, I have had students from all walks of life and learning styles find things makes sense for the first time ever because of the WAY I teach. Every teacher is dealing with the same information. There isn't anything new or shocking or "secret" to music - but it is in HOW that information is taught.

The Answer Is YES!

Through my years and years of teaching thousands of students - I've found a way that cuts through jargon and makes things clear. This program and system is a step-by-step approach. We take small bites and move along in a way that keeps you learning, excited, and hungry for more.

Get Started With Music Made Easy Now for Just $999 $97

This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Grab It Before It Expires

This is actually a special pricing that I'm losing money on.  You may be wondering, "why are you doing that Andrew?"


Here's the reason...


I remember what it was like to be so hungry for good information - so hungry to finally have everything make sense - and when I found the answer it was such a powerful and freeing feeling.


That's what I want to share with you and I don't want price to be an issue.


I want to deliver so much value that it knocks you out!


My hope is that you'll love this training so much that you'll want more from me and that in the long run my loss will even out as I deliver more value to you.


Oh, and if you were wondering are there any other hidden fees?...


The answer is NO WAY!  You only pay a low one-time payment for hours of value-packed step-by-step training.

Here Are Just A Few Words From Students In the Course Having Breakthroughs...

And Instead of Paying Hundreds or Thousands In Private Lessons Everything Is Online, Accessible 24/7

Rather than wasting more money on resource after resource and trying to piece things together - you get everything in a single course that is watchable over and over again. You don't have to pay more money to go ask your teacher to explain that concept again. All you have to do is jump back into the module you're working on and go through it if you're wanting to refresh or pick up something you might have missed.


If we conservatively took just 1yr of private lessons - say 1 lesson/week ($50/half hour) - That's $2,600 you'd spend!!! I had many students who were with me for years - just because they wanted to keep being around me. They liked it. I mean, I LOVED my students - but I can teach you all this stuff SO much faster and cheaper via this medium.

Imagine Knowing How to Play Any Chord Progression In Any Key...

Picture yourself writing that great chord progression. Picture knowing how and why you picked it. Picture knowing exactly what to play on top of it. Imagine that feeling of creating your own song from scratch. No more confusion, no more crickets chirping as you're wondering what to do next. Today you have all the tools you need and you're a master at this stuff.

Imagine Playing Up and Down the Guitar Neck With Ease...

Yes, you could let more time go by and face more frustation or waste more time on YouTube videos that don't ever answer all the questions OR you could have a step-by-step system that's helped so many other guitarists who were in your shoes break through.


What's that level of freedom worth to you and what's the cost of letting more time go by, letting your musical voice remain unrealized? I invite you to join me today and let's get you to the next level!

What's That Level of Freedom Worth to You?

If we took an example of a year's worth of private weekly lessons (That's $2,600) and you'd STILL be going back each week trying to remember what you'd just learned the week before because you couldn't rewatch the lesson you'd just had.


The power of the internet lets you save time and money so that you can go through each lesson as many times as you need to fully master it and for a fraction of the cost.

Here Are Just A Few More Words From Students Breaking Through With This Training...

He is able to put it all into a framework for students that makes sense.  I see all the logic and connections through his clear tutorials.

Each lesson is packed with a good blend...I look forward to my lessons and I couldn’t have found a better teacher!

Heather B.

Music Made Easy Student

I used to be one of those “on again, off again” guitar players. You know, I owned a guitar for years and occasionally picked it up a few weeks at a time. A few months ago I decided I wanted to explore further than I had in the past. Lucky for me, I discovered Andrew and signed up for his program.


I would highly recommend Andrew's lessons. He is not an average instructor. I really believe you will find he teaches because he is interested in sharing his knowledge and experience with people like you and me!

Ben K.

Music Made Easy Student


I Look Forward to Helping You Have the Same Level of Breakthrough!

and grab the course now. You won't regret it.

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